Japanese Hin Dog Breed

Описание породы и уход за Японскими хинамиIn Japanese temples, Hin is read as a beloved god. The title of the pond came from the Japanese word " hin " , which in translation means " treasure, jewelry " . These dogs were worth a lot.

The Mordeck is spitting.the nose is on the straight line with the eyes. The eyes are big, round, wide. The ears have a triangular form and are heavily covered by the wool. The hinds are light and plastic, the head is proud to rise up. He can slaughter all day if he feels comfortable and comfortable. Hin can easily distinguish the enemy from a friend, after which he remembers them for a long time.

This dog breed Perfect for living in an apartment.♪ Competitive and miniature dogs here are plenty of space to cut and rest. Hin is a great guard. He's happy to defend his master's home. But unlike others dog breedI'm not gonna beat you and your neighbors out of the lamb.

История породы японский хинThe Japanese hinge is a dog that doesn't make it hard to take care of. Just a few minutes a day to make the wool of Japanese hina look great. The stiffness of the Japanese Hin has no underwear, silk and straight, and not complicit. Japanese chinas are lynching, but not very much. The Japanese hinds should be combed more often than usual.

The Japanese hut needs to brush their eyes every day, brush their teeth and regularly check their ears on any signs of possible infection.

Buy. Japanese hina is recommended as necessary. Sometimes you can use dry shampoo. The use of cream provides additional glazing and wool softness. The weight of the Japanese hill can be sewn with a cool air.

The Japanese hinds need to be cut once a week to prevent their spread.

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