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Little Home Dogs

Every dog breed has a mission. The dogs include smear hunters and professional saviors, vigilante guard and sensitive excuses. But there are those who are created exclusively for love and estetic pleasure. Small dogs decoration-company rocks can deliver great joy: they don't need many places, they're comfortable even in small apartments. The dignity of the most popular miniature dogs is in this article on Ledi.

Maltese (Maltese)

The maltese flag is a luxury, long and dense, falling down to the floor, blindly white hair. She's a silk structure and a pleasant feeling, like a royal mania, and she's very fond of the extended body, not falling apart and not forming the rabbits. Complements the image of this aristocrat with a proudly raised head with big, slightly swelling eyes. I don't think anyone's gonna stand up to them. Despite a slight increase and weight (21-25 cm, 3-4 kg) of maltese is a rather vibrant, mobile, general and curious dog. “Maltese is at a peak today.- Considers the chairman of the Galina Carpikov Dog Club, Compagne. It's the glamorous miniature dog. She's not only chosen by girls, but by boys. Among young people, it is considered fashionable to go out with a brightly dressed maltese. " Belosneck " and young couples who are not in a hurry to enslave children, and maletes replace them with a child "

Japanese Hin

The Japanese hinge is one of the oldest breeds of miniature dogs: the history of its origin is not even counted for centuries - millenniums! The Japanese hinge (or the Japanese Spaniel) has long been considered an imperial dog (with each person in the palace looking at a specially attached servant) and it has been valued literally on the weight of gold, and attempts by people from the lower segments of society to use such a pet could cost lives. "The Japanese hinge is a very smart dog, is easily served by a dressure, knows more than 30 teams," he underlined the expert. - These dogs don't take a walk, they're fast on the boat. They never bite, they don't lace. Words, perfect companions willing to give their lives for their master. "

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