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Show Some Dog Species

rysskaya_borzayaHunt was the first purpose of a dog in the service of a man. Even the original people have noticed the excellent hunting qualities of the ancestors of modern dogs. Followed by the hunting packs of wild wolves and shaqals, people could survive the rest of their extraction. Over time, the situation has changed radically, and people who are home to wild dogs have begun to use their hunting skills in their own interests. In those ancient times, all the hunting dogs were the same, with them both on the bird and on the beast, and any wilderness in the county. However, with the development of hunting and new fishing gear, there was a need for specialized dog hunting. The most ancient group of hunting dogs is believed to be beasts. The Shumer Empire excavations, dated 7 to 8,000 years before our age, revealed the images of dogs that seem to memorize modern saliva and the Ivy brazing. These are fast and powerful hunting dogs that can catch and kill the beast. Later, with the emergence of effective fishing gear, there was a need for dogs that would not be chasing, but only find it and remove it from the shelter.bassethaund That was the way out of hunting dogs, whose breeds also had a rather ancient origin. In the century, active secularism of races begins. Water and field bird races, as well as the beast. The biggest blossom of dog hunting is in the middle of a century, when every single hunting dog breed is produced specifically for one type of chick.

More than 200 species of hunting dogs are now known, which have traditionally been divided into six main types: races, beasts, legs, pranks, likis and naughty dogs. The use of any type of species is mainly a species of diet hunted by dogs. There are species that can be used for more than one species of animal or bird, but experienced hunters know there is no universal dog for hunting. Therefore, specialists recommend that the dog be stacked for one type of diet to make hunting more effective.
To hunt a beast, the best breeds are bored and racing. Traditionally, for leather hunting, they used bigla, phoxhounds and harriers. This tradition in England has continued to this day.Legavaya Hotchs usually hold packs and they follow the beasts. A special group represents a blood chase. These include bladhaunds, bassethads and various types of marriage. These dogs have a beautiful gut and are capable of taking a trace of the wounded beast, no matter how far he is. The thinest bit of hunting dog species has a bladhaun or a blood race. These species ' dogs were imported into Europe from the Constantineopol of about a century N.E. and played an important role in shaping European and, mainly, England.Russkii_spaniel As a rule, each country has its own porridge race used to hunt a local beast. In Russia, where the hunting took place on kabaans, wolves, foxes and other furry beasts, a Russian houndle and a Russian race were removed. In African countries, Rhodesian Ridgebek was received to hunt large predators, including lions.
For the hunting of a fast beast, a shell, a lis, reindeer and gas, used long ago. Beasts. These are very fast dogs, some of which can develop speeds up to 60 km/h. The fighter has a beautiful vision that helps them target quickly for mining. The most ancient breed of beasts is the ancestors used in ancient Egypt to hunt gas.

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