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Haski Dog Pictures

All colors of the Siberian HuskyI've been wanting to make an article describing all the colors of Siberian Haski, but everyone didn't get their hands on it. A couple of years ago, when we had puppies, I didn't know how to name their colours by looking for them, so I didn't find the desired answer, so it was the idea of drafting an interpretative article describing all the Haski colours.

I didn't find any paint descriptions on the roll, but I read that Official colours recognized in Russia: black, white, white, white, brown and white. In other countries, there are various qualifications of the colours of Siberian haski. I tried to find a description of these " official " colours, but it was vain. That's not the way I'm doing this, because trying to paint all the haski oils with these official paints, it's like trying to get past the cats. Well, since we don't have one, I've decided to go look for paint descriptions abroad. I was looking for America, Poland and Italy, found about 20 colours. I'll try this article to describe them all. When I was just thinking about making an article, I thought it would be very simple, that in a day, you could put up pictures of google and the hat.Solid White color Siberian Husky In fact, it didn't turn out to be so happy and the search process for the paintings lasted for a month. Some colours are very difficult to find, and I really wanted to use only normal pictures, not mobile phones, no noises and pure dogs. As for the pictures, I have a professional photographer of the buzz, but after three weeks, I realized I'd do what I wanted to do as I didn't do, I've done the principles, and I've decided to look for any pictures, but even this way, it's been a big problem. I'd like to warn you, I've tried to collect the most typical images of haski's colours. For example, it's completely black, it allows white areas, but I've been looking for absoluts and the rest of the colours. The same majority of the colours presented below should theoretically be referred to as the White Red, as there is a large part of the white, but white I've been down because that's understandable, except for the Black and White colour. I'd like to replace a lot of pictures if you have a desire to see pictures of the colours of your Siberian Haski, throw me on e-mail photographs of the colours and Dog., preferably that the photos are not on the phone, the dog was clean and well read, and the pictures of the street in the daylight are very welcome. A few more colours are expected to be added soon and the colouring methodology will be written. A little later, I'll make a description of each of the colours, and it needs to be translated from different languages. If you want to help with the paint description, I'll be fine. ♪ ♪

Mostly Black color Siberian Husky Black and White color Siberian Husky Grey color Siberian Husky Silver color Siberian Husky
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