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How Much Is The Dog's Hamster

And yes and no, all the dogs came from wolves, and the haskis were no exception. Although there's a feeling that dogs about haski's parents have been crossing with wolves, but that's just an opinion. People sometimes take them for wolves because of their similarity and even use them for films in a variety of films (the same " Big Roman " or " on the other side of the wolves " ) but in any case Haski is not a wolf, either generally or generally. Although they kept most of the wolf features. For example, they are practically not racing but singing almost like wolves, they have brightly expressed secret weddings and they can hunt themselves in a pack. The conditional communication between Haski in the pack is just a little different from the wolf. There have been cases where wolves have been taken in Haski's pack, but this is more an exception than the rule, wolves hate dogs and wolves' dogs.

Siberian Haski is liki?

No, for the simple reason that Siberia Hashki is a driving pond and a lika is a hunter. The difference can be read in the article: the difference between Siberia Haski and Lika, where all the photos are detailed on the shelves.

Some Haski have strange noses - black with pink stains...

It's called the snow nose, which is quite common in the species. The snow nose is red or pink on the black or brown dog's nose. This is not a defect.

I heard that Haski might have different eyes. Really?

Yeah. It's pretty common, too. For example, one eye may be blue, while the other one is brown. There may also be two hundred in one eye, brown and blue. It's a so-called break-up. Some people think the dog has some complications or illness, but it's totally wrong, it's also very common in the breed!

I heard Haski's bad dogs. Is that true?

Um... I can say that's the truth. Haski is highly intelligent dogs, but sometimes they do things that the master is just jackass. You must always prove that you're in charge of preventing the Haski from being a dominant, or he'll just be out of control.

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