Акита Эта японская порода была

Japanese Pond

Японская порода кошекAdmitted by most of the cat associations, Japanese bean. These cats with rabbit tails have already become popular in the world, and in recent years, more fans have been found in Russia.

A little history.

Bobtails are Aboriginal. Japanese ponds islands with ancient history. The predictions suggest that short-sighted cats were brought by sailors to Japan from China in the 9th to 10th century. Then, naturally, they weren't Japanese yet, but many of them were beans.

The first official mention of the Japanese bobthale is by the end of the 10th century, the cat of Emperor Ichidze Mebu-no Otodo wearing a red collar with a tag. Since then, cats have been living in isolation for several centuries, without interfering with other species for the non-naming of these others on the Japanese Islands. In the middle of the 20th century, the pond attracted the attention of American felinologists, and in 1968 the formation of Japanese beans in America began. In the United States, the pond was recognized in 1976 and FiFE registered it in 1990. From that raven, the world's victorious samurai has begun.


The cat's species is Japanese bean. has a few features that make it perfectly different from others.

Visital rock card is a high-sewed short tail, a lipstick of not more than five centimeters long. And even with a short-sighted species, the tail always looks great and looks exactly like a rabbit tail.

The second feature is very often found in colorful eyes. Cats with eyes of the same colour are in the standard, but they're more important than the dyes.

The third feature is the rear legs far longer than the front. So the bobteils have a very distinctive, somewhat disintegrated walk that is devoid of cat character. Indeed, I know a nice walk. But the beans are very good at trees, and they're willing to jump, landing unusually, on long rear legs, only after that, touching the ground with the front legs.

Bobteils have high sculptures and cosos and wide-ranging eyes - all Japanese. The eyes, however, are huge, some of the Asians in general, of the cat, Japanese pound of cats with big eyes It's like embodies the dream of animos.

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