Mops Dog Photos

It is not always possible to judge the nature of the dog. For example, seeing the mops, it's supposed to be incredibly and clumsy, but it's absolutely not. This dog is mobile and has fun. She's happy to share all the business and troubles of the master, loves to be in his society everywhere. The mops are very loyal dogs, in the absence of their master, they fall into despair and only live with his return. There's nothing better for the mop than a quiet time in the family, on the knees of the beloved host. Mops is very fond of the kids, and if he doesn't show them too much sympathy, he won't be aggressive about the babies either. Other pets living in one apartment with a mops can also be calm: there will be no fight or fight.

Mops have an undisturbed sense of their own dignity: all they do is do by their will and do not tolerate violence and orders. Mops knows the price, he'll never be satisfied with the role of the younger one in the family. But the master ' s word is the law for the mops: the call of his patron, the dog is thrown out, forgetting all the cases and exercises that have been taken.

The mops are well served not so much by obedience, but by their natural wisdom and cognitiveness. As a mop security guard, of course, a lot of losing to the dogs of other breeds. But it's safe to be sure that the blade mops will never miss a suspicious storm outside the door or a stranger's visit, a huge lamb of a dog, will warn his master of a possible threat.

Maintenance and care

Mops, despite their aristocracy view and their ability to hold with great dignity, are not very demanding. Care for them is not a special problem. The mops is clean, the care of his short wool is periodic brushing during the line. Mops doesn't take long walks, he doesn't feel very well in the cold, and it's even worse for the heat. In summer days, the mops may suffer from breathing because it has a very short nose and a special respiratory structure.

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