большая собака в мире

A Dog In The World

A dog named Freya, a staffordshire terrier and a bullier, got the title of the most unwanted dog in Britain, and it's been denied at least 18,000 times.

Freya's got a six-month puppy in Liverpool. She's very beautiful, kind and friendly, so the personnel of the nursery are very enthusiastic, why none of the possible hosts who came to the shelter to find their home animals stopped their choice on Freya. Potential " foster parents " were 18,720, but none of them took the orphan with them, transmits the Mirror.

And recently, the dog was diagnosed with epilepsy, so the chances for her permanent home fell even lower.

At the same time, Freya has a Facebook support group, and there are 700 subscribers (one of them, let's see if they can take a dog too slowly).

She's very fond of Freya, who's been living with them for years, but they still hope that an animal will ever have a home.

Freya can go to a house where only adults live, and the dog should be the only household animal. It is noted that the masters must be patient: in the new house, the dog will need time for adaptation. Well, given her illness, you have to bear in mind that you have to regularly examine the doctor and spend money on medicine.

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