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Dogs For The Apartment

New year and dogs can be a holiday! Moscow volunteers are looking for animals from temporary hostels' shelters. Sobak is built on the winter so that in the cold they can be in warm houses, in an atmosphere of love and care.

"I looked him in the eye, you know, he came right in my heart. I feel so sorry for them. They want everyone home. That's the eyes of everyone," said Vera Ustinov.

Together with Charlie, the volunteers brought Vera Nicolasevne a dowry: canned, potato, new leash. A woman in the interview can't sit on the spot, always loses her footage, and he's fed up to grieve a dog that's grateful for the slope. I mean, just a few hours ago, he was sitting in a clogged volley. Last year, the master tied Charlie to the gate of the Stock House. Showed "great" - left a mask and toys. The search for a new house has not succeeded, but today he seems finally lucky. At least Charlie's winter will be warm.

There's almost a thousand dogs in the Residence. Someone's doing a lane, someone's right outside the gate throwing away former masters. Yesterday's homeboys in the corned voirs are especially hard. They often refuse food, and they can't be with a huge crossroads. It's the kind of dogs that volunteers are trying to take away at least as soon as possible, and ideally find them a new permanent home.

With the advent of colds, life in the shelter is becoming unbearable for sick and weakened dogs. For example, the X Rex song, which was about eight years old, has recently passed very hard: lost weight, eye and liver problems. Three times a day, he needs medication. In a shelter with hundreds of animals, it's almost impossible.

"The idea was born to try to find good people in the winter of these sick dogs, and to promise them a little reward, plus, our full support: feed, advice and help," noted the volunteer of Elena Szhzeglov's Dob Rocha.

A little reward for people who agreed to take a dog to a warm apartment, volunteers pay their own money. They also provide food and, if necessary, medicines for the entire time. Such a proposal could well be of interest to retirees: a small retirement allowance and a fourth friend with whom winter evenings could be rushed. Only completely socialized animals are given to temporary retraction. Like Tishka. The masters refused him, but the dog didn't lose trust in people. He's barely going out with other shelter dogs. He's waiting for someone to visit him and take a personal walk to the park.

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