Вольер для собаки в квартиру

Dogs In The Apartment

Как приспособить квартиру для собаки — Квартирный вопрос на The VillageThe Village learns from architects, engineers, designers, decorators how a problem of model housing can be addressed

Residents of the film room or their own three-room apartment - word, any type of dwelling - face the same problems. The Village appeals to the experts to see how these problems can be solved. This time, we've been consulting with specialists to see if we can set up an apartment so that it would be comfortable with a dog of any size. And that people in this apartment are comfortable, too.

And a little dog and a big dog can fit into a standard one or even a small room. The dog is also the apartment, and it's pretty demanding. And if you change the space to his needs is problematic, you can develop more mobile little things for your pet of mutual family happiness. How do you do that in experts' answers?

Olga Loktionova

There are nuances in the planning of a housing apartment for a dog. First, the place where the bowl will be standing must be easily accessible to the animal, not interfere with the master and not face it. I'd rather put a bowl in the kitchen, not where the dog usually sleeps. Second, bedroom. For big dogs, it's often arranged in closets.Как приспособить квартиру для собаки. Изображение № 2. There are such special closets-- they're usually commissioned-- where there's a big open pile downstairs. It's very convenient, and it's a closet that can easily be written into an intern.

For little dogs It's rare to think of a separate place. The truth is, one of our clients has a little yorkshire terrier who's still not well trained in the toilet. That's why we were asked to arrange a dog's conditions in the hall so she wouldn't spoil the carpet.

Как приспособить квартиру для собаки. Изображение № 1. Как приспособить квартиру для собаки. Изображение № 4.
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