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Medium Dogs For Apartments

There are more distinctive features in the world, behaviour, appearance, existence or lack of performance. Before buying a dog, it should be carefully thought of what kind of pond would suit you and weigh all the "this" and the opposite. The dog must meet the requirements of its potential master, its nature, habits. A man chooses a dog to be himself.

Given the many kinds of dogs, it's not that hard to do. You just need to figure out what you need, and you'll find the pond. And to formulate, you have to ask yourself six questions and answer them perfectly.

1. Purpose of the purchase of dogs ( dog designation)

The species were initially set to perform certain tasks. Before you buy a puppy, think what purpose you take it for yourself. There is a separation of the species according to which they are intended, but it is not very recommended to use this distribution of newcomers in dogs - it can play an evil joke with you. The FCI classification includes, for example, the Caucasus sheep and the zvergpincher. Therefore, we offer you a simplified distribution of the species: guard, service, hunting, driving, decoration (socia-companies). But even with this distribution, some breeds can be classified into different groups, so in any case it is tentative to read the literature on pre-selected species. dog breed

For Control The following are the most suitable species: the Asian sheep (alabai), the Caucasus sheep, the dog, the rotweiler, the leonberger, the Risingaucer, the cavawart. To protect a private house, it's not worth taking small dogs - they're gonna try to guard and bite, but there's no way a villain who's gonna freak them out.

Official dogs are a group of breeds used by a man to perform any work on his own or under the control of the master. Usually these big animals with active-protection reaction. Their characteristics are loyalty to the master, sensitivity, skill. They're safety dogs, dog shepherds. They are widely used in border forces as chewing, guard, baggage, cargo and vehicles at customs. These include German and Belgian sheep, Dobermans, Bernenhund, Russian black terrier, Colli.

The dogs of the hunting group have one common ground, a highly developed hunting instinct, which, in a skilled manner, can be used for their purposes. Six groups of hunting dogs uniting similar species use are distributed: Borzey (Russian Peat Borzai, Irish Volkow), Liquia, Hotchie (Bladhaund, Bigl), Norman (taxes), Legener (English Setter, Vemarner) and Spaniel/Retriver. As burrow fighters, the terriers have proved themselves. Air dogs are now being used to transport people and goods in the northern regions of the country (haski, Alaskan Malamut, Hod). Decoration dogs (company dogs) also have their purpose. Small parties can be visited by fancy parties (chihuahua, Russian, yorkshire terrier) with larger tubes (poodles, pinchers) to be more active in walking, walking and cycling.

In fact, for every activity, there's a group of dog breeds to determine why you need a dog, and the nature of the species to narrow it down.

2. Your physical capacity.

If you're a strong and strong man, you can have any dog, even bigger, little. However, adults with strong men are most likely to lack enough time to be a dog, so take into account the physical forces of your family (highly women and young children).

One day, an elderly woman called the clinic asking to build a dog. He's a good Irish sitter, a natural, with documents. That lady's great grandchildren managed to give that dog to her grandma on the anniversary! "I can't even follow him with my eyes!" - the owner's crying.

And don't hope you have a raised dog, they're not born like that, they're becoming. And as long as your dog becomes educated, there may be a lot of different problems, including quite dangerous ones. ♪ ♪

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