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Small Dog Species For The Apartment

The small breeds of dogs that do not need daily walks and are easily adapted to life in a city apartment today are very popular. The information starvation can be partially or completely compensated by house games and sufficient attention on the part of the hosts, and walks on the balcony or on the boat to which they are taught from puppy age.

There are five popular dog species that you can't walk:

1. Chihuahua

The world's smallest dog breed coming from Mexico. Chihuahua usually weighs up to 3 kg, but with strong health, stable mentality and good temper.

Very obedient and fun babies who choose only one master, and with the rest of the family, they have a friendly relationship.

The cheeks learn to walk on a tape or a tray, so you can only go out with them. Chihuahua is considered to be well adapted to life in the apartment and well moved to loneliness while you work or do your business.

2. Japanese Hin

Living, fast and resilient dog weighing 2-4 kg and life expectancy up to 14.

Smart, faithful and luxury with acquaintances, but in an unfamiliar place, it can easily be lost and held very carefully. Otherwise, the hinds are very gambling, they're good with the other pets, they're easy to learn, and they can have complex teams, so even inexperienced owners can handle this kind of thing easily.

3. Shi-tsu

A cautious and disgraceful Chinese dog whose weight is between 4 and 8 kg and life expectancy is over 15 years. Shi-tsu will love you to no mercy, especially if you play with her, take care and pay her enough attention.

The Dogs have a good common language with all family members and even the inexperienced owners. Shi-tsu doesn't need a lot of physical load, has a high degree of purity, and can easily get to the cart.

4. The Pomeran spitz. It's a flushy coma like a soft toy, in fact a living, smart and temperate dog of German origin. Spies weigh up to 3, 5 kg, live about 12 years, and they can brag about being captured by the heart of Queen Victoria.

The Spitz is a loyal satellite, a good-needed pet and a great companion of lonely people. The dog is well-trained, this pond has even taken 23 seats on the list of smartest dogs. So when there's a little kid in the family who's being prevented from ringing a spy, the puppy needs to be trained from birth.

5. Chinese cholera These glamorous painters are two kinds: naked and fuzzy spiders. Very faithful, luxury and fine animals, incredibly loyal to their family. They love "makes," they want attention and sensation to their face, they can be a little scary in a strange environment.

The cheeks are clean and clean, well used to the tape or the tray, but the dog likes new impressions and will need periodic walks unless he receives sufficient attention from the owners.

How to teach a puppy to a tray or a pawn:

Prepare the place.

Pick up a precinct in a house that would have arranged for you, and a dog as a toilet, it's easier to put "conveniences" in a sanuse or a balcony. Note that this place must now always be accessible to dogs without external assistance: doors must be open or with special cuts. Sit in a selected location for more newspapers or one-time pellets.

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