Small Dogs For The Apartment

Many people want to start a pet, not everyone can do it because of a number of constraints:
  • Small area;
  • Allergic to wool;
  • Small children;
  • employment.

There are perfectly adapted to life in the home, close apartments of megapolis with small children in the neighborhood. Certainly, it is difficult to identify a certain species better than the others, depending only on personal preferences and lifestyles.

Little dogs will be great companions, nannies, security guards, housewives' friends. They're better off in a small area. Multi-year practice and surveillance showed that small animals lived longer than large dogs. Agree, important factor, masters get used to home-loving, loss becomes a real emotional shock.

Little dogs with a big heart

Experts agreed: the most appropriate Dog breedwho can be allergic and small children are Yorkshire terriers. Dogs have a small size - weight up to 4, 5 kilograms, their hair is similar to human hair, so they are considered hypoallergenic. The second most popular place was the mops, their weight ranges from 4 to 11 kilograms, calm in nature. People who lead an active way of life, the perfect companion for long walks will be a scotch terrier or a spy. The dogs are smart, friendly, the maximum weight is 9 kilos. Coker-spanies are ideally suited to people who are active in sports and will be able to give daily burdens to four-on-one friends. The children's lovers will be a Mittellasnaus and a zverchnaucer. If you need a dog to protect and a little weight, a boxer or a verge cart will come. Those who have a lot of free time to take care of their loved ones every day makes sense to set up the Highland White Terrier. They're games and very beautiful animals with white hair. A lot of homeoseds choose a cure, a luxury ps, a pychines or a Friesa bishop. In large cities with a small area, dogs such as boston terrier, taxa, English bulldog, kern terrier, Chihuahua, Pomeran spice and maltese are very popular.

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