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Yorkshire Terrier

Характер йоркаPhoto york. Author Alex Ivanov (Mr.Capric)

Despite miniatures, the york retains the qualities inherent in big-size theories - courage, curiosity, inaccuracy. He's good with people and with other dogs and loyal to the master.

York more than What a dog.- any other species needs attention. York is ready to spend the whole day with the master, on his hands or on his feet. They're happy to run, jump, play ball, hunt birds, mice or sunscreen, and keep an eye on the host's reaction. The Yorks are striving to seek their own attention, be they the master ' s attention or the food. York feels good about the master's mood and builds on it.

Выбор щенка йоркаThis pond is very good with the kids. But the problem arises because of the small size of the york, when the default can come to it or be too tightly squeezed. Kids need to explain that it's not a toy, it's a living creature, and it's also very fragile and needs to be treated with respect and love. To act accordingly, relations will be developed in a better manner, and a warm friendship will be established between the child and the dog. These little scenes from everyday life are the best illustrations of the nature of the york. But how do you say that little world weighs 3 kg? It's a companion and a loving friend, gifted by a great sense of humor, he's curious, he's funny, he never misses, he's calm, but he's steep. It's a person!

The usual horticulture and high-level births should be distinguished. There's nothing to say about Father Lord, Mother Pool. The birthplace where the Broadcasting Champions are recorded is always more important and gives more assurance that you buy a good yorkshire terrier.

It should be known that the introductions had led to many yorks that had been deprived of the necessary wool without characteristic features. This is a consequence of the large demand for the yorkshire terrier, which the merchant factories are responsible for increasing the number of puppies at the expense of their quality. Some of these merchants breed puppies of good quality, but many of them act like supermarkets: they buy a lot of puppies. These puppies often have illegal births. It is also difficult to know precisely whether puppies were well vaccinated.

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