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Dog behavior and health.

A healthy, life-threatening dog is the subject of her master's special pride and mental equilibrium. No, there must be a need to develop here the idea that, in order to maintain his pet in a good state, full nutrition, proper maintenance and education are essential.
We want to draw the reader ' s attention to another condition of the well-being of the dog, without which all the owner ' s efforts can go to the label. We're referring to the control of dog behaviour. Its purpose is to identify the dysfunctional in animal health as soon as possible. Because behavior is an expression of the physical and mental state of the dog.

This control is based on monitoring skills. At first, the monitoring of the dog's behavior should be for the master as a special internal mission to himself. But it is very soon to develop a vision of all animal nuances, shapes and stores a picture of his routine behavior. Monitoring is then carried out at an almost unconscious level, without a special effort. When there is a skill of such surveillance, even minor behavioural deviations remain unnoticed. It's your reaction to surprise, new. Having detected some change, it is necessary to observe in a focused manner whether the deviations that have arisen have persisted, is there a growing sign?
In order to notice the unsatisfactory and take action in time, you need to know how to behave at all. healthy doghow behaviour changes according to age, due to periodic changes in physiological condition (e.g. suc flow) and, of course, the behaviour of his dog needs to be known. Let's make sure your dog is at home and on the street.

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