English Hunting Dog

The practice of hunting dogs in Russia is even more successful than the training of, say, duty dogs. This situation is understandable: workers hunting dogs are more rigorously selected at breeding, and there are almost no dilettes among the dog hunters (at least a large number of dispensers who can destroy the breed). It is therefore possible to meet a good working legit, universal and irrevocable, much more than a well-trained German sheep. Hunting dogs are rarely kept at home, so to say, " undesignated " : these dogs are not distinguished by security, usually friendly to all people, more difficult to raise them (if there is no workload, the hunting dog has a tendency to wander.)
The special dissenting of lacs, beasts, beasts, beasts, racing, racing, small animals and birds, legs and singers are Nata. Special hunting has long been used for different types hunting dog species♪ The following major groups of hunting dogs differ:
♪ Born (Russian, Afghan, English and others) - dogs for “unarmed” hunting. They catch the beast. They're only hunted in open spaces - some of them can grow up to 80 km/h. Usually, they're hunting with a burglary.
♪ Liki (Siberian, Carelo Finnish, etc.) is searching for tree animals and birds, clouding them, holding them before the hunter arrives. The beasts found on the ground, the dogs catch up, the little souls, and the big ones stop there before the hunter arrives. Lyca can protect a hunter from a big beast.
♪ Goncier (Russian, English, timber, bigl et al.) is searched for a beast and with a voice followed by a beast under a hunter. They're distributing a blood trail, they're being used to track down a wounded beast.
♪ Legends (English: netters and Internet, continental: German, Hungarian, etc.) - are used for bird hunting. By swinging a bird, legitizing it to the stand, and by the hunter's command, she's getting caught. After the shooting, they, on the team, can track and bring trophies or go looking again.
♪ Spaniels (Russian and English) - like legit, " work on the ground " : search for the bird, lift it to the wing (sparking) and provide clots with sushi and water. Sleeping is glossed by their hard work: they carefully search every swamp of a swamp or a glimmer where a bird can hide.
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