Японский хин

The Smallest Dog Species

Like a cat with a dog is an old and familiar expression used against hostile and unconscious individuals. But is that so?
Meet the balloons and his best friend on Butler's name. It's probably the nicest couple you've ever seen. They live on Australia's South Coast, Tasmania.
Sharpei is the word " boiler " .
It's a breed of guard and hunting, and in ancient and warrior dogs from China, one of the oldest breeds.
The turtle and shoulders, the little ears and the hyppotamis of the face give the charpeus a unique view.
In 1978, the balloons were placed in the Guinness Book of Records as the rarest at that time in the world.
The origin of Chinese dogs is very little known, and most of the documents that could help clarify the origin of dogs in China, together with other books, were destroyed by the Emperor Qin Shihuandi in 213 before N. Two basic theories say that the balloons are either from smooth tea or from ancient mastiffs.
DNA test confirms that a charpey is not less than 3,000 years old, that is, it belongs to a group of oldest dog species.
It's almost certain that the Chinese balloon or one of his ancestors were fight dogs. This " sport " corresponds to the composition of the breed, especially powerful jaws, which can be captured and held by the enemy. The bare hair protects the charpe from damage, because it's unpleasant to keep it in the past. So there's a suggestion that the ancestors of a modern Chinese charpe are fighters' dogs.
Over time, the balloons have turned into a universal peasant dog suitable for home security and hunting. He's strong and smart, capable of catching and catching even a big harvest.
Chinese communists who came to power in the 1940s were the strongest hit against Chinese dogs, including charpes. They found domestic animals luxury and taxed dog owners with excessive taxes.
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