игры с ризеншнауцером

The Species Of Risensnacle Dogs Photos

Map of dog walking places: parks, coasts, deserts
In Lower Novgorod, about 30 authorized dog walks
In Nizhny Novgorod, about 30 authorized dog walks, from very small, DDT name Chkalov in the Below City region, to a fairly large number of parks and coasts in Kanavin and Soviet areas.
The City Department of Upgrading provided a list of localities in Low Novgorod where domestic animals (sobak) are officially permitted. It has been found that " dogs " can walk without problems in the Moscow and Sormov districts (at about a dozen sites) as well as in the Canavin and Soviet parks. Those living in the Priok and Lenin regions will have problems with " official " , with only one site in each area.
According to the temporary rules for the maintenance of domestic animals, dogs are prohibited in the Below City region, as well as outside the municipal administrations.
The removal of dogs at a height of over 30 cm, as well as dogs that pose a threat to humans and other animals, is permitted only on a short leash and in a wardrobe. " Pomatoes requiring the special responsibility of the owner include the Boulterier, the American Staffordshire Terrier, the Rotweiler, the Black Terrier, the Caucasus sheep, the South Russian sheep, the Mid-Asian sheep, German sheep, Moscow guard, dog, bulldog, risennacle, doberman, mastif, their interference, other large and aggressive dogs of service, service and belligerents, are stated in the rules.
Domestic animal owners are obliged to ensure that their pets are not gagged in public places, public places, children ' s and sporting areas, pedestrian tracks, pavements, squares, yards, etc. In the case of pollution, they are obliged to clean up " with personal hygiene (polethylene packagings, rugs, etc.).
However, the list of dog outlets provided by the city ' s upgrading office includes, inter alia, the Sormovsky Park (organised desert site), the Pushkin Park and the Canavin district parks and coasts (with strict compliance with all dog regulations).
Authorized dog walks:
- Cinema school site (Sixth germ)
Kanavin district
Parks and coasts (with strict compliance with all dog regulations).
Lenin district
- Heroy Pova Street, 3a.
Moscow region
♪ Sormovsky Park (organised desert site);
- Red Zone Street, 7 (in desert);
- Beryozovsky Street, 5, 22, 64, 68, 78, 92, 102, 104a, 112 (Levinka River shore);

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