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Types Of Hunting Dogs

Cursing is a kind of sport for hunting dogs. The essence of the courseing is simple: dogs chase around a crossroads behind a mechanical bucket. It's a beautiful sight, fully allowing a dog training.
The course came in the British islands when the number of wildlife in the forest declined sharply. The borrowers, foxes and reindeer became rare because the British often had clouds to train the terriers and other hunting dogs. Over time, hunting has turned into a mature sport, where the result of the chase, the capture of the wild, has become less important.
The courseing competitions take place on the field or the fields. An animal who's scared is replacing an artificial analog. The mechanic archer can change the path of motion and simulates the real victim.
The training is confused with another type of " dog " sport, a voyage. But on the voyage, the dog runs round the distance, and it's going to endure and speed. The courseing competition allows the dog to be smart, and it can pick the most successful route of the race based on the changing trajectory of the borrower.
Evaluation criteria
The criteria for which champions are evaluated are passion, intelligence, manoeuvrability and speed.
Manoeuvre and speed. The dog will be able to develop a good speed if he chooses the right manner of running, he'll be on the ground.
At least attention is paid to intellectuals. Under the terms of the competition, the participant should not see the sports distance in advance. The dog has to be able to quickly focus on the ground, make a laugh.
Defiance. According to the dogs before the finish, they're suing for extinction. Usually, the master himself can assess the preparation of his animal at the end of the distance. Kursing is a simulation of a real hunt, and at the end of the competition, the dog gets tired at least.
I don't want to take the extract immediately after the capture. The dog must be satisfied with the “to interact” with the “togethers”. Even if the Zayaz had not been caught, it would be necessary to let his dog tremble.

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