Собаки породы акита-ану

Achita Species

Hatiko in Russian! For more than three months, he lived on the balcony of one of the Moscow apartments of a cathyta-in dog known to the world by the Hachiko movie. It is true that this time the tests that have been carried out by an animal were not related to the loyalty of the master, but to his cruelty. The dog wasn't released from the balcony. And when they tried to intervene neighbors and animal protectors, they hid somewhere.

When it turns out that there's no intention of discussing the ill-treatment of her boss's dog, Hope Szczepentiev's with anyone, unsatisfactory neighbors began to leave a note on the door with proposals - to show a fourth drop of concern, sends T.C.

The security guards are on duty for the second day at the entrance. The activists are determined to force a woman to give them a dog or at least show them an animal to make sure he's okay.

The fact that the pet has been brutally treated for months has found the residents of House number 4 on Pyrjeva Street. 24/7, under the rainy rain and the sandy sun dog, the species of achita-in was locked in a close balcony. In a three-room apartment, an animal's place somehow didn't find the time the owner had to walk it.

The nature of squid is very active. For the health of these dogs, it's very harmful to restrict the movement. Last year, they trusted Oscar's palace to take care of the puppy. At the request of the mistress, he was walking him twice a day until Oscar was moved to another place.

On 4 August, activists filed a complaint with the police about animal abuse. On Thursday night, the improvised observation post arrived at the precinct - without going to the apartment, tried to calm people down.

"There's no dog in the apartment right now. The dog is alive, healthy, tired. She's fine. I'm sorry, I can't talk. I can't spread her data, too, about the mistress, said the local commissioner, Andrei Kupriyan.

The report didn't seem convincing to the defense. The duty of the dog's masters is continuing.

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