Карманные собаки как бизнес

American Dogs

American Airlines, on Christmas Eve, had over 230 Labradors in seven U.S. airports that would help passengers to overcome stress before flight. According to CNN, this has been done under the programme The United Paws (English United Nations Lap).

" The survey shows that, while communicating with these animals, humans produce oxytocin, hormon, which is responsible for a sense of unity and attachment. It also reduces the level of tension and reduces blood pressure”, notes the project consultant, Walter Wolfe (Walter Woolf).

Specially trained dogs can be found at Chicago, Cleveland, Denver, Houston, Los Angeles, Newarca and Washington airports. The animals will be located in different parts of the terminals.

Rambler Travel Services reports that other United States airports and airlines have also taken steps to alleviate passengers ' stress. For example, O’Hare airport in Chicago has installed photo booths where people can take pictures of holiday decorations, and in Midway (Chicago) on the eve of Christmas, hot chocolate will be served to passengers.

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