Красивая собачка 960 x 675

Beautiful Dog

I met Petra at a private shelter, where I identified a pick-up puppy at the time of family search. My dog was planted in a voir with Petra, and when I came to visit him, I took a walk with me, and I also paid attention to her, bought her tastes, brushed out, sniffed out of the bloss and mites, and so on. Later, I learned that Petra doesn't have a curator to visit her, give her time and attention, search for a new family. That's why I decided to take over the head and over the Petty, and it hurts so good, it was to stay in the shelter. ♪ ♪
So, I'm bringing to your attention a beautiful, red slice to Petra!
Petra is an active, life-saving, smiling and very lazy dog! It's still very young, like 3 years old, so your new family, Petchenka, will be happy for a long time. Very good, medium50-55 cm in the blank, which, of course, is the advantage of being housed, stiff, with beautiful, long legs:)
Petra's really beautiful, red! At the same time, our girl is smooth, which is also important in keeping her house. And look at her eyes: there's so much trust in them, expectations, desire to hear a lazy word... She kind of looks in your soul. ♪ ♪
Petchenka is common, both with sods and with a man, a friendly dog. He likes toys to run, and he likes to lie down and rest. Hello, vaccinated, sterilized.
Now, Petra, although she has to live temporarily in a shelter (Moscow, Pricenics) is happy with the life and care of her. We're waiting for our beauty to be as good as our Petra, a loving and caring family to be part of for years!

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