Бордер колли

Border's Dog Breed

The species of the Border Kolley dogs is the most capable of training the pond among all the existing ones, in other words it is considered the smartest. Collie is really unbelievable, but they're not in the way of hire. The owner's gonna have to be a scream, or the dog's gonna try to get out of the team when he doesn't want it or if the reward for obedience is not worth the effort. The mind of the dog doesn't oblige the masters to teach her complex tricks, but there's a need for the simplest teams to be used every day.

The bearder of the dog was extremely mobile and active, which is not surprising, because the original purpose of the species is to pass the sheep herd. The ring's instinct of passion persists throughout life, and all family members will be kept under constant control by an inexorable dog's window, especially during the walk that Border Kolly loves the most. By taking this species, be ready for active life!

Border's character is an incredibly hearty and gambling character. This pond is ready for the whole day to play games with the master, run with him or play with other animals - the bearder of the dog built to move. Most of all, she loves her sheeps, but she's not all sheep. All those who want to take the stakes should be prepared to devote time to active natural walks, or the energy of the species will literally break it. If you don't pay proper physical pressures, the dog will be bad at home by directing energy to different leprosy and sorrows, it'll be worse for the master's commands, and it can become more aggressive. Apart from the walk, we have to do a job job, because even though it's the smartest, Border Kolli will still be obsessed.

The big score is good for any family that likes to move. If you like the pond, there's a possibility and a desire to go out or take an active walk with her, then you're a good candidate for the role of Border Colli. Still, she'll be more comfortable in a big family, even with little babies or home animals. Friendly rings and people, so if you often take guests, this dog will surely look at you.

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