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Bulldog Dogs

Scientists from the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences and the University of Uppsala have learned what genes are responsible for glium development. They also found that the brain tumors of dogs were very similar to the same intrachrome education in the human brain. The study was in the last PLoS Genetics issue.

The most common primary brain tumours are called gliomas. Last year, this form of tumor was widely reported in the press, the singer Jeanne Friske died of glioblasom, which is a form of gliooma. Gliomas may differ in terms of maliciousness, swelling progress and hystaological characteristics; and doctors still do not know exactly what cells they develop. Despite intensive therapy, these tumours are virtually untreated.

Gliomas also occur in dogs, and in the brahizephalic species, bulldoz, boxers and other dogs with a clotted face, the risk of disease is particularly high. It's the second most common form of malignant tumors in dogs after meningioms.

" We have assumed that once the dogs of one species have been mutated and there is a genetic link between them, we can identify a genetic area that is responsible for the increased threat of disease. The same risk factors may exist not only for bracephalic species but also for other varieties, and if we determine the genome region, we can compare the genetic marker. different dogsdiagnosed with glioma, healthy animals and people " , commented on Katarina Truwe, leading author of work from the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences.

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