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Померанский шпиц, карликовый

The Pomeran sword is a companion's dog, very smart, has a developed sense of self-esteem, loyal to its master, loves children, very common and luxury, easy to get a dispensary and uncomfortable. Spitz is a dog created for joy and communication with a man. In this little dog, with bright eyes and a happy smile, there's a huge sea of love, loyalty to its master, a willingness to follow it to the end of the world.

The History of the Pomeran Speaker goes to a long time ago, where for the first time the ancestors of a common spice are mentioned. They believe that the beginning of the species has been laid by the fossil dogs of the Swiss swabs of the stone age, the so-called fossil spices of swabs or the peat dog of the neo-litical period.

The neighborhood of these dogs is the Lake of Ladoz, where their remains were found by archaeologists.Уход за миниатюрным шпицем The various cultural monuments of ancient Rome and Antitude, the vases and the architectural objects, show us images of little dogs, which remind us of the Pomeran sword. This little dog breed goes through the world history. There is evidence that the miniature spice was distributed during the Middle Ages in Europe, Asia and Africa. This is particularly true for countries such as Holland, Germany, Denmark and the Baltic.

Pomeran spice

The miniature spitz understands and does not need a permanent training. In five months, he's easy to absorb all the necessary teams.

Карликовый померанский шпиц – Ваш пушистый другWatch out. miniature spice It's not hard, it's unbelievable and requires only constant attention and love. That little dog's breed can be boldly jealous. The outer Pomeran spice exactly repeats the normal spice, only in miniature performance. Growth little dogs only 18-24 cm and 2-3 kg. The fascinating appearance of the Pomeran sword often makes it a winner of the exhibitions and owner of many awards. The great thing about this little dog breed is a beautiful, dense and soft hair that comes up from the thickness of the panchrot. This creates a " constant wool " effect, like this little dog just stacked a phenomenon in a fashion salon. Especially a lot of wool grows on the neck, shoulders, and on the back limbs and tail.

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