Декоративная собачка

Decoration Dog

There are people who definitely like cats or only dogs. There are people who like both. People in this category tend to lose their choices to choose as a domestic pet: a decoration dog (those terrier, chikhuahua, that tumor, healer, etc.) or a normal (this may not be a natural but a natural) cat?

Each one of these options has its pros and cons. We'll look at them.

To the dogs.

They won't be asked outside. Cats, if they don't castrate, will need to be out on their own.

They won't scratch the walls, the furniture, the corners of the room.

They look very expensive. If representational functions are important to you, decoration dogs certainly look more winning.

Against dogs.

Still, decorative breeds are the result of artificial breeding. With all the things that follow. They're more potent in food, they've got fragile skeletons and complicated metabolism.

Alas, but these animals aren't very smart either. They can't always be taught to the bathroom. And with the master's spirit, there may be problems.

To cats.

Therapeutic effect. Now, even many doctors recommend cats for people with cardiovascular diseases.

Uncomfortable. Although cats and predators need protein (mouth) food, their diet is much easier than decoration dogs. Really, that doesn't apply. Decorative breeds Cats. There's also fewer cats, more dripping and living.

Autonomy. Cats, even domestics, can take care of themselves perfectly. And the decoration dog won't survive without the master.

Against cats.

People say our dignity is the continuation of our shortcomings. To cats, that is exactly the same. The main flaw of cats is their proximity to wildlife and hence their autonomy. Cats, especially cats, need to be walking, hunting and other " quality " . And night walks are parasites, skin and intestinal diseases, injuries sustained in connection with territory and other admiration.

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