Декоративные собачки

Decoration Dogs

It is intended simply to give joy to its owners, to be a friend and to be a home-born. These are small, compact and beautiful dogs.

Decorative species

Decoration (from the Fre. decoratio - decoración) - in the broad meaning of the word - all the artistic decoration of the object or premises. Decoration means decorating. For someone, the decorative breeds of dogs are the decoration of the interior of the house, for someone to decorate themselves. Someone's being decorated by a lonely boring life. Everyone needs to buy dogs with decorative breeds. The happiest are those dogs who become real companions for their owners, live a full, happy, active life. As soon as these four-legged babies are not called pockets, underwear, couches, etc., but they're dogs first. With its nature, the rhythm of life, needs. It's like big dogs.

Every representative of the class of decoration dogs has a direct natural purpose. And you don't have to forget it. None of the ponds came out to lie on the couch or escort their owner to the parties. It is us, people, that adjust their existence to " themselves " without asking for their consent, violating, at times, their rhythms of full life. A group of decorative dogs is conditional.

Many of the species presented can be considered both decorational and official and hunting. This group therefore includes dogs that we have, and in most countries of the world, only as domestic pets. In doing so, the Afghan wrestling can successfully participate in dog runs, and the terrier can destroy rats. But mostly, these dogs are just being set up to have a loyal, small and beautiful friend around. Place--dog species It was often simply a miniature of large species. It's a junkie, that terrier, that turd, a Pomeran spaniel, a King Charles, a tower and others.

Many of these species have also maintained their working qualities. There are also very ancient breeds that have been produced only for the loss of human life. It's Pekines, Japanese Hin, Chihuahua, Shi-tsu. For this purpose, such small and funny European dogs have been divorced in the time of the Rome Empire and in the East before. For example, only the Chinese Emperor himself could unleash and keep the bakers. The violation of the prohibition was punishable by death. When the Chinese Empress came into the throne room, there were 100 pesos standing in the back and waiting for a post like that until the Empress took his place.

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