Смешные картинки с собачками

Dog Pictures

Try this cat experiment, put 250 grams of sausage on his plate and a small piece of bread. We know what the end of this experience is. The cat will eat a sausage for two minutes and eat no bread! The cat is so smart as to understand, it's bad to eat!

There was another experiment, the cat was offered a very low-paid position, such as a private engineer, at a large state institution. What do you think? Naturally, the cat cat has categorically refused this job and went proudly to kick his tail, pretending to be a complete prophecy in engineering so that God wouldn't offer to work again.

Have you ever come to see a cat burn his back with a wheel? The dogs answer that question positively! Do you know why cats do that to dogs? Because they know how much dogs don't like camels.

You didn't try to put a cat in the face with smoke? Try this or not. We've got a cat sneezing, with a very disgraceful look, because, unlike a man, he knows smoking is really bad!

How many cats watch TV? Such fingers can be counted, because the cats understand that this " faceer " can only be interested in children and when the cartoons go.

The cats, of course, have their weakness, the main one being the valerian, they're getting drunk so they don't recognize themselves in the mirror. But what's interesting is, in the morning, when the head is cutting, the body will lead the cat back to yesterday's valerian mice to get hung up is incredibly smart animals!

Well, the last last surveillance is money again. If a smart cat offers so much money that he can afford whatever he wants, then the cat will definitely refuse. He's not a fool, he realizes that his skin is more expensive than dealing with a tax or worse with a leak!

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