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German Dog Species

The German spitz is one of the oldest species of Europe. Allegedly, the spitz came from a peat dog who lived in a stone age. As far as this credible fact, unfortunately, cannot be verified. This breed has become the basis for the development of many other small species.

The man who's ready to buy a German spice must be prepared for the dog's activity and energy to fill his house, and even retract the family's attention. The Spitz is regarded as a " dog " , but it feels good in a country house, on nature.

Nature: German Spitz

German spice. Little dog breed♪ But his variety may be coloured, tall and body-saving.

So the colour of this little breed can be:

  • Black;
  • Grey;
  • Orange;
  • White;
  • Cream;
  • Brown;
  • Black and underground;
  • Zonarno-sera;
  • Orangebolic;
  • Cream and Sobol;
  • Mixed.

Mixed colours are usually white and their colours (black, orange, brown) shall be uniformly distributed throughout the wool.

This pond has excellent hearing and care. She's capable of lavish loudly in a sense of danger.

Dimensions: weight, growth

It's easy to say a German sword, small, remote. It's a rather harmonious breeding pond that wasn't one century.

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