Маленькие ручные собачки

Hand Dogs

No. 2. Yorkshire Terrier
With a height of 20, 3-22, 9 cm and a mass of 1, 8-3, 2 kg. They live tiny miles 12 to 16. This delicious dog often appreciates her beautiful and long hair. The requirements for the colouring of an adult are very strict, except for the colour of the bronze tan and the blue tantalum. All sands with other shades are considered tribal marriage.
Usually, yorkies are easy to get away with the training, very curious and careful. When the foreigner arrives, the miniature guard will inform the master of this loud and prosperous lam. It was the opinion of society that this was exceptional manual dogs♪ And in fact, an animal is very painful when it can't get the energy out. They have to go out, so the pets can be happy to run and play.
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