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I Want A Little Dog


It's advisable for someone who wants to start a dog.
Write HORD and phone or mail. Plus, of course, information about that dog you're looking for.

I'll take a puppy mops or a taxi.
Write in the pen.

I'm looking for a little poodle of black paint for myself.
No children
Dress experience has already been
9 Lera
I really want to make my mom happy for D.R. It's her dream!

I'd love to take a schi-tsu...0 Murmansk. ♪

I'm sorry I was like everyone, but a friend asked me to find a dog like that, york, chikhua! She died with some beast like that, and her mother suffers so much! A family without children, but they visit little grandchildren, so the healthy appearance of a dog is important, and there's no high birth! An adult dog!

Hello, everyone) Sam's looking for Chihuahua, yörkshire or some terrier) not for exhibitions) ordinary dog can be defective.

I don't care about a girl or a boy. I really want to, for my soul, St Petersburg, but if I have to come to Moscuva, I want you to put it in a pen.

I'll accept the gift of a terrier or a chihuahua. I'll take care of it and love it! Peter. I can follow him to the nearest towns and Moscow.

I'll take a gift or a symbolic fee for a ton or a chikhua! St Petersburg!

I really want that terrier or chikhuahua, for myself, I've long dreamed of... me from Chelabinsk, writing in a pen. ♪

(Signed) Yula ROMANIA
I totally agree... we have Touchik... and we've been saving money to afford this miracle! Patience and patience... and you'll have a little friend... to give you a tone, a Chihuahua, a york, or a spice. It's a very expensive pleasure to have a puppy like this. The ones who have these dogs. They didn't just show up. ♪ ♪

St. Petersburg
Looking. Little dog.Better the puppy. Methis is fine, no ID. I've lived my whole life with those toys, there's a 2nd mama and daughter left in their home town, there's no way to move 'cause there's a bad way to move, and I'm not gonna pull two dogs, and you can't get separated, you're gonna miss. Who has the opportunity to give a little girl a thank you.

I'd love to get a puppy's birthday: york, the one who sneezes if anyone can help you very much, write it in a box.

SPB. Hey! I'll accept the gift of a yorkshire terrier without birth or buy for a moderate price! I'll take care of and love!

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