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Little Beautiful Dogs

There is no clear answer to the question, which is the most beautiful breed of dogs in the world. For every owner of a fourth friend, his pet is the sweetest and most attractive. But among all the existing species, we believe there are dozens of domestic pets that deserve special attention to their appearance.

The top 10 is in.



Japanese Achita. opens a dozen. The most beautiful dog species in the world. A beast with Japanese roots can't leave a single person indifferent. Aquita looks similar to three wild animals: wolf, fox and bear. It's a perfect dog with a powerful body and a strong long foot. The ears of the akitas have unusual shape and resemble the carms. The species is very revered in the homeland and is a living symbol of the country of the rising sun.Вельш корги пемброк Only three colours are allowed according to the Akita Standard: absolutely white, white tiger and white ginger.

Gold retriever

The most beautiful dogs in the world are the golden retriever. His long-term ancestors are Irish Setter and Bladhaun. As a result of the crossroads of these species, the pupils of an incredibly beautiful golden colour were produced. Golden retrievers are hunting, thanks to their perfect fitting. According to the standard, an animal can have gold, medium intensity of colour. The dark shades of hair are absolutely unacceptable.Чау-чау These animals have a smart and exemplary view. Dark brown eyes have a dark leash. Among all the representatives, the breed is the most kind creatures that are totally unrelated to aggression. They're very disciplined and obedient.

The kingdom of the hamble is one of the smallest and most beautiful dogs in the world. The appearance of the hamber was the cause of the legend, which states that during the paste of the cattle, two boys found two little foxes. They brought them home, and they learned from their parents that they were the puppies that the Wales were driving. These little elegant dogs have a living mind and a kindness. Passable colours in standard: red, red, deer and stick. Pietz's hair is incredibly smooth and dense, medium length.

акита-ину Сибирский хаски Лабрадор ретривер Леонбергер
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