Little Chinese Dog

Китайские хохлатый собачки, фото породы собак фотографияIf that's what Chinese dog The right thing to look at, her skin is very soft, but it's thicker and tighter than dogs covered with wool, wounds and cuts, and it's very fast.

The naked colours of the light-coloured skin in the summer burns fast and changes color, it is this time of year that they reach their final colour. Sometimes they have black or white ears on their skin. In fact, it's dead hair.

Chinese dogs The Yablon Sad pet.

They can be removed by thin pinkette or by washing an antiseptic solution to the Marlevian napkin to wipe the skin against and increase the hair. After treatment, wet cream (after razor or any hyppoallergenic crem).

The washing of naked dogs should not be more than once in 1-1, 5 weeks of helmet for the shower. Places with wool are washed with shampoos giving volume and rebuilding structure. All nonstop varieties have hair. They're removed by a machine. The wolves are shattered without going beyond the line, deliberately from the outside angle of their eyes to the ear. After razing, skin is treated with anti-septic solution and reduced by cream. For this purpose, the cream will come after sunrise, it eats well, eases and irritates. And also baby cream on grass.

Китайская хохлатая собачка щенок, фото породы собак фотографияAt a cold time of year, if you take a dog outside, she needs clothes. An obligatory or specially shy combination of synthesized tissue synthesizes it from the weather and cold.

Going for the pukes. It's nothing different from taking care of any long-haired dog. Not more than once every 10 days. The frustration is regular.

Another feature of a naked hollow in the paw building. It has a specific, long form called a bowl. From this building, the claws grow faster, less stiff, so they need to be cut regularly.

China's idols are very mobile and sharp. A lot of people are happy and willing to get rid of the excess energy playing with rubber toys they love. For a little dog like that, it's almost everything. They'll be happy to wear both a plastic lid from a bottle and a small straw of thread. Actually, this dog's behavior is more like a cat. She's skilled at the front laps, trying to draw your attention. All her squeezes aren't polite. If you're busy and you don't have time to play with her, she'll be happy to have fun with her tail or sleep.

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