Порода собак бишон фризе. Фото

Little Dog Breed

Йоркширский терьер, собаки фото, выбор породы собак фотографияScotch terrier is a Scottish dog breed weighing 6-9 kg. This breed is smart and common. She needs a daily long walk. It could be a dog hour.

Yorkshire Terrier is a tiny dog with a big, brave heart. She loves to do nothing for days on pillows.Вельш-корги-пемброк, фото выбор породы собаки фотография She needs to be cared for her long hair, but if the dog's not an exhibition, the wool can be cut, and then the care of that dog will be minimal.

Yorkshire Terrier♪ Photograph of the Beauhema Blaze.

Coker-spanel is a dog with a whirl and starving eyes - a good choice for an old man. The species tends to be obesity, so you need regular control of dog weight. She likes to do nothing.

Velsh Corgi Pembrock♪ Photographer Darya's Pouch

Длинношерстная чихуахуа, фото собаки, фотография породы собакThe Eskimo slide, divorced from ancient times, used as a dog hour. Eskios is a medium-sized dog with a white, thick hair. Impossible to strangers. He needs daily care.

Long-range Chihuahua Helena's Bend Optimus Astra Vitus.
"Astra Vitus."

Щенок померанского шпица, фото породы собак выбор собаки фотографияBeijings is a funny toy dog with his eyes swelled. It takes a little walk. Watching the wool is minimal, special attention should be paid to his eyes.

Maltese is a tiny long-seater dog that looks fragile and helpless, but it's only the first impression. Her long white hair requires daily care. Loves the host society.

Pomeran spitz, if you're looking for a little brave dog, you're a dead man. He's not only a great companion, but he's also well-established as a dog-hour. Something like a toy bear. Regular care is required for his hair.

Pomeran sword chick. Photograph of the Beauhema Blaze.
English valleys (King-Charles-Spanel and King Charles-Spanel) are toy dogs. They're fun and pleasant. Always mistreating people.
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