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Little Dogs Are Free

If you wanted to write an announcement to take a free dog to protect the palace in the private sector, take a little dog or puppy or find a procrastination where a puppy or dog is given free of charge, and it doesn't matter to you, then look at those puppies. They're free to good hands, cute and loyal, smart and funny. These puppies need a good and honest master who will be given his whole soul and will make his life a new meaning. Palace is the oldest and largest dog breedas well as the smartest, kind, fair and faithful, patient waiting for his master.
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Good men, our message to you! We, abandoned and unloved, call for your mercy and compassion. Because all the feelings that you value your life so much, in our lipstick, are brutal in our hands. Our lives are left behind the door that you can only open. The door is in a world where we don't lose our understanding of our unnecessary and powerlessness...
Have you ever had to scream a plumbed crust of bread on the wash? And try to sleep on a sad land because your feet are no longer tired and hungry? And drink from the lawn? And look in the eye, like, trying to find compassion and love in them? ♪
Good men, through time and distance, hear our call! Stop for a moment and just let us meet our eyes, they're full of hope and say, "This is me! Don't you see me waiting for you?
We'll give you our unlimited love and devotion in response to yours, but don't pass!
Let's hug each other's souls. There's nothing in life over the eternal sense of love.


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