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Little Dogs Are Like Bears

In the competition for a smiley dog, there was this one out of the world show that would definitely win the spice. It makes sense that in the family of a man whose job is to give a smile to people, it's that dog. Funtik appeared in a photostody accompanied by “parents” and was proud to hear the stories of himself.

Sergei Isaev.
Author and actor of the Ural Palmen, athletes, a businessman, a showman, a biker.

Funtica-Brilliant and rebooting, iron and Russian hockey, flame-wamper and Brekotkin forest secret

Sergei, why exactly is the Pomeran spitz? Did the species attract its "neutrality"?
It started with what we needed for the concert. Little dog.♪ And our friend Marat brought a Pomeran spy who spent two days with us without the masters. The song was amazingly good, loving and perfectly adequate. I've never done anything without a reason. Sitting in the dressing room, waiting for his exit on the stage just like a man. I always liked dogs like dogs like chau-chao puppies like bears. But they grow up very big. And the spitz is a bear, but a small, very comfortable, and in terms and nature. When I came home, I announced my half, Irishke, that we were building a dog. She wanted a puppy a long time ago, but she didn't expect me to be so suspicious, surprised and excited. We've looked through a lot of pictures of the sprinklers on the factory websites, but no one's in the soul until we ran into a photo of little Funtica at the chelabin factory. It was love at first sight. It wasn't even a question, whether we took it or not. I've got the factory's number right now, and I've been told that it's just that Funtick. That's what we called the puppy after, according to the papers, it's Daymont Heath.

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