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Little Dogs Photos

He's only 10 weeks old, he's a lot more than an apple, and he weighs only 300 grams. Meet Tudy, the Chihuahua from the Wrozlava, who is probably the smallest dog in the world.

10 FTO

1. Although Tudy's only three months old and it's perfectly normal, its size is very small. There's only six centimetres of baby chikhuahua. (Foto: Alicja Ciepła). 2. Tudy's owners have no idea what a dog owes so small. And while Chihuahua is one of the world ' s smallest dog species, Brother Tudi, who lives with him under the same roof, it's a very common size - it weighs about 1, 5 kilos. And Tudy is a few times less than his brother. (Foto: Alicja Ciepła). 3. If Tudy keeps growing up in the same pace as now, there's a chance he'll be a new recordbook of Ginness's record. However, it is still too early to draw such conclusions - Tudi must first become an adult dog, two more months to wait. (Foto: Alicja Ciepła). 4. It's so tiny, it's like a bottle of bottle instead of a drink bowl. (Foto: Alicja Ciepła). 5. Tyhuahua dogs usually weigh between 2 and 3 kg. And little people like Tudy are born very rarely. (Foto: Alicja Ciepła). 6. There's only a few pieces of dry food eating there all day. (Foto: Alicja Ciepła). 7. Tudy's owners always have to look under their feet so they don't step on the rabbit, because he's got a rabbit and he's fine with the color of the floor in the house. (Foto: Alicja Ciepła). 8. There's a 50-Policy villain out there. Currently the smallest dog The world is a long-lost Chihuahua in the name of BBu, which is only 10 centimeters tall, with a weight of about 700 grams. Tudy has every chance of becoming the smallest dog in the world and getting into the Guinness Book of Records. (Foto: Alicja Ciepła). 9. Toudi became a sensation among the friends and neighbors of the Cellow family. Veronica, who cares about the rabbit, complains that now girlfriends come to Tudy instead of her. (Foto: Alicja Ciepła). 10. The tiny Tudy is fully placed on the human palm. (Foto: Alicja Ciepła).
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