Маленький рост, собачки

Little Dogs To Buy

A little cozy theatre on Stachk's Prospect, 59, which in the Kirov district of St. Petersburg know and love not only the inhabitants of the surrounding quarters, but also young theatres from all over the city. It's just that this is where the whole family has been hunting for a quarter of a century, and that's where the kids are making love for the theatre. Battles in the doll theatre are always popular among the Pereburns, but tickets to the Broadcasting Dog are especially fast, so it's better to book them in advance by phone 380-80-50.

Broadcast has long won child hearts and love, and adult respect. In the theatre repertoire, more than 10 plays of classics, modern and foreign drama. The repertoire is designed to show the variety of forms and plays of the doll theatre, to reveal to its viewers all the veracity of the art and to sow reasonable, good, eternal into childhood hearts and souls. At the same time, each play is intended for a certain child ' s age, which means that even for the smallest, there is a vision of the spirit and level of development. In the theatre repertoire, a variety of fairy tales, such as the Ryab Curchka, Red Shadow, Thermok, and the children ' s plays by Russian and modern authors, adapted under the doll format. Theater artists make them so bright, funny and kind that they can't fall in love with them.

The friends of the Broadcasting Theatre are trying to support and preserve the family theatre environment where children and adults can come and feel at home. The young and their parents are meeting a polite administrator, a real fairy that helps calm the nephew, put the kids in places, words, keep an eye on the situation. And in anticipation of the start of the show, you can have a table in the buffet and feed your sweets. So if you choose where to go with a kid on the weekend or holidays, a way to go to the Broadcasting Dog's doll would be winning.

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