Какие собаки хорошо ладят с

Little Guard Dogs

A little bit about stiffs.
It has been more than 13 years since the arrival of the United States Stiffordshire Terriers to Russia. Numerous " blood " articles on this breed not only scare people out of it, but instead they have fomented interest.
What is the attraction of the American Stanfordshire Terrier? I guess it's basically a big guard. A dog in a little package.
The model of breed describes amstapha as a dog of extraordinary power, but at the same time, it is very heartfelt and charming. Small growth, up to 48 cm, compactness, indifference, reliability, fearless loyalty to the master, lack of integrity, is far from a complete list of the characteristic features of the United States Stiffordshire.
These dogs have a balanced character, which is genetically attached. The initiation process does not predominate the braking process, so any asthaf is prepared to fulfil instantly any desire of the beloved master and to return immediately to the reference position and the reference state. Amstaphas are very brave and active dogs with a clear sense of their dignity, high intelligence and determination. They're well-trained, they're exactly and qualitatively teamed. Hearing and marking are quite explained:
For many years, the selection of dogs for breeding has taken place precisely on these qualities, and the dogs with a mental disorder have been removed.
Amstaf is the perfect dog for the city. Small dimensions allow it to be maintained even in a small apartment. He's got great health and a strong immunity, he's completely unresponsive, always in a good mood that can pass on to others.
With the right upbringing, maintenance and feeding, the amstafa makes perfect bodyguard and a reliable friend. His appearance is respectful: a queen, muscle, harmoniously constructed dog, which gives the impression of enormous strength. That's what it is: the American staffordshire terrier is not a rabbit, he's not looking for matches, but in the event of an attack or threat, he responds lightly and fearlessly, and almost always comes out as a winner, in the form of a glaciated amstapha paste, the healthy versiles lose their voices, and he hears nothing like a vomit. A well-trained asthaf can easily handle three hooligans. He jumps up to 2 meters, climbs trees like a cat, swims and dives like a watermelon.
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