Little House Dogs

You want a dog? It's a very responsible step that needs to be carefully considered. It's not enough to make sure you have enough free time that you're going to give your favorite pet.

We also need to assess whether the dog will be comfortable and that you will live together in one territory. Unfortunately, in most cases, the city apartment is not the best place for a big animal, because there's nowhere to go. However, this is not an excuse to refuse to purchase a pet.

In our new review, we share 7 of small dogswhich will be comfortable enough to feel comfortable in a city apartment.

1. Mops.

Mops is a dog with the most complaining eyes. She's so eager to be sorry and stash, and it's impossible to get out of her arms. They're charming dogs who have their calm and mind at once. Although the mops are very obedient, they're stubborn enough. So be prepared for the rare rebellion of your favorite. It's a beautiful place to stay in the apartment. In general, the mops aren't so active dogs, but sometimes they don't mind having fun and playing loud.

2. Yorkshire Terrier

It's a little bit of heartfelt happiness that makes the mood one way. Yorkshire Terrier is a very handsome dog that is considered a woman's option. I don't think a man's gonna tie a york to cute bunkies without which that dog can't imagine. Yorkshire terriers are friendly and communicable, they love big companies and don't scare your guests. They're also very quiet on their trips.

By the way, some people think the york doesn't have a special mind. That's not true. Representatives of this species are very smart and excellent interlocutors. They feel very thin in the mood of their master and can listen and support.

3. Shi-tsu

Shi-tsu is an active and gambling dog. They're pretty self-contained, and they don't require you to spend every single minute with them. Besides, despite its small size, the Shi-tsu is a very brave, brave and bold dog. She'd better not be joking. However, it does not override a friendly temper. Shi-tsu is also very attached to his master, so you get a loyal friend in the face of that dog. You can play with her, and you can go. They're very good at keeping them in the apartment.

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