маленькая рыжая собачка

Little Red Dog

In early April, Jenny arrived at our house. The CCFN.
Where do we start? It's not a species choice.
Before that, Morpheus lived with us for six years, our little angel, the good and lasque dog, Cavalier King Blainhem. At home, we called him Fufo.
Fufo was in our year-old. Fufo's been sick in the last days of the year. Found coke infection of urine tracks and severe kidney failure. Three more weeks we treated the dog, hoping the doctors could save him. But on January 20, Fufo was unstable.
There's a huge sense of nothing left.
You can't replace a friend. We didn't try. The idea of starting a dog again seemed absurd.
But fate has changed.
A lot of years ago, Fufo came into our lives by accident.
And I thought the miracle should happen again. He seemed to be coming back. Of course it's impossible.
But the miracle happened again. I saw on the ad website. Little puppy photo And I realized it was my dog.
The name came immediately, at the same time as the decision.
This afternoon, I'll take all the dog-related records elsewhere. To preserve the chronology.
It's not that simple in our history. Jenny has problems. But once you've made a conscious choice, we'll live. And we'll solve these problems.
I didn't regret my decision, and Jenny was already part of our family.
Of course she won't replace Fufo. He's always around.
By the way, I found out about her in exactly a fight month from the day he died.
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