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Very nice dogs: four-wheeled stars of the park and the models (photo) Ekaterina Fomine Girl photographs the sands on the street and wants to be a veterinarian.

The girl's taking pictures of the sand on the street and wants to be a veterinarian.

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  • Photo: From the archive I. Salkova

Twelve-year-old Yang Salkov, Judoist and gymnastics No. 8, told "Today" about his fascination. Despite her young age, the girl trains dogs by training their parkour to overcome obstacles and recently attracted animals. Now, Jana, in his free time, is taking pictures of tailings on the streets of the city, imagining new stories and images, and his own pet, the naked Mexican EMMA, continues to teach the jumps by improving her art.

Amateur of the four laps admitted today that most of the school disciplines love biology and geography, and in the future dreams of becoming a veterinarian. "I think it's a fascinating profession for animals. But I understand that it is a very big responsibility to save other people's cats and dogs. But it's worth it, because Yana's mature. And adds that the lakhmats have loved since early childhood, although she has only two pets at her house, a cat Barsik and a dog Emma. "The parents love them, too, and I never dragged the butlers home. They usually become my random models, and the girl laughs.

Yana's picture was fascinated by the appearance of a common mouse. "I tried to make some interesting shots, and then they gave me an amateur grill. As the first models, I used my friends' dogs, Emma, and then I started walking around the streets and filming the palaces, and it tells our interview. And admits that most dogs, Requesting a camera.start posing like real models, and some try to get into the object and lick it.

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