Фото Маленькая собачка. Фото


Львиная собачка, львиная собака, левхен, фото породы собак фотография Levchen. I got my name for my haircut. In Spain, as well as in other countries, since the fifteenth century, a haircut has been adopted. Budelier dogs I don't know. The lion dog is an old French pond, the closest relative of the French blond.

The Swedish naturalist Karl Linnei (1707-1778) in his book on dogs called this breed lion, and they used to call it lion maltese. French naturalist George Buffon (1707-1788) describes the lion dog among the decorative species: he believed that the ancestry was an epanol (with a long wave hair) and a small Danish dog (with a smooth hair). In 1817, Dr. Walter noted that the bishops of Maltese, Bolonian and Havana dogs, the varieties of the same species, which differed between the structure of the hair, the colours and the hair. The Maltese and Bolonian dogs were white, and the lion and harbour were different colours and even three colors. A lion dog is believed to be a product of crossing small barbetts (bolic type) with bullets.

History: prosperity and forget. One of the first images of the lion dog is in St. Firmin's skeleton in the French city of Amien. The sculpture is painted by two sculptures that portray small lions. Their resemblance to the lion dog suggests they were a sculptor model. Flying dog can easily be found in paintings and gravels, starting from the fifteenth century - from Duhrer to Goya - she meets on many halfs of Dutch and Flemish artists, such as Lucas Kranah Senior, Jan Braigel Barhatny, David Tenirs Jr., as well as French artists.

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