3 белые пушистые собачки

Pouch Dogs

The Beijings are small furious dogs released in ancient China over 2,000 years ago. In China, they were called " pearls " , " Sobaca sunset " , " sweet lotos flower " , " lion dog " , these names came from the legend about the origin of pecanes. The name of Beijing comes from the city of Beijing. These dogs are good and fun, and they are happy to participate in all kinds of family entertainment, but they need to be carefully monitored, especially outside the house. The eyes of the pychines require special attention. They're stuck in the eyebrows very little, so it's best to avoid sharp cloths and don't overdo the baton.
The Chinese people themselves are called bakers Sobachami Fu, and as far as this pond is read in China, it can be judged by an inaccurate number of works of art that portray the bakers. It was considered that these little safety spirits, and the outside of the bacon are more like tiny lions than dogs.
This pond has changed little over the past millennium. The only difference is that modern bakers and judges at dog exhibitions give preference to pequines with a longer wool than a barrage length.
By the way, this decoration dog happened in England with herds and cows, and in Switzerland, the baker was hunting the snow.
The nature of the pychines, he's not futile or obsessive, he's very good at the situation. If he feels like you want to play with him, he'll be fun, playful and horny. If he realizes you want to rest or do your business, you won't notice him for a few hours. He's kind and humiliated to people, and he's brave enough to be reckless to other dogs.
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