Small Pocket Dogs

statyi_o_sobakah10While the idea of a tiny companion is seductive (particularly if you met people with super-minded dogs), it would be prudent to undertake some serious research on the species chosen by you and the optimum sizes to develop such dogs without risk to their health. They may be extremely difficult to care and many die at a young age despite good care.

What's a fancy dog?

It's actually a marketing trick. Some manufacturers use this term to emphasize a very small size, ranging from 500 g to 1,8 kg adult weight. The birth of such specialities is typical of the species of that group: maltese, that puddle, the Russian one, the Chihuahua, the yorkshire terrier and other miniature species. There's no official pocket size... there's that rock. But they're not a fancy breed.

Is there a cartel dog?

Of course they exist. For one reason, very small copies are born in any kind. And while such individuals have many problems for dog health, some unscrupulous manufacturers try to get them by any means.

Size guarantees and how do you get these dogs?

There's no guarantee. Time will show the size. Dimensions are determined by many factors: genetics (effects of ancestors), environmental impact (nutrition, health care, etc.). The genetic influence of parents 50 on 50 (the father's influence is no greater than the mother. You know that from the school program and parents' ancestors also contribute. Are you surprised why your puppy has a twisted tail while his parents have direct tails? Look at Grandma and Grandpa. And maybe further. Same thing with size.

Those "carman" puppies you see can actually be very small... or they have falsified documents that indicate they're older than they really are (and won't you be surprised when your puppy suddenly becomes, well, in general, BUSHIM?) And it turns out very often that the carlix reaches the size of his own brother and grows normal in adulthood. So even a tiny puppy doesn't have to be tiny in adulthood.

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