самые популярные маленькие

The Most Popular Little Dogs

As we know, fashion is a variable thing, and home animal fashion is no exception.

Holding a crocodile home or a carlick runaway is no longer prestigious. The status accessory has turned into decoration dogs, accompanied by the hosts everywhere: at secular parties, restaurants and stores. The owners of small dogs say it's very convenient, because now there's no problem with who to leave the beloved is easy to take him to work. Thus, the " professional orientation " of the majority of small breeds sounds like a companion dog.

Now, the concept of "company dog" has become unreliably outdated, and he's telling the young dog breeder Elena Rumians. - He was replaced by the word "Carman Dog." It is true that these tiny animals can be seen not only on their knees or by the master's armpit, they look out of the jacket pocket, the cut of the shirt or the lady purse. And since the pets come out of the world not less than their masters, they just have to have the appropriate "light."

Taking a little dog isn't as easy as it looks. A tender creature needs to go shopping and beauty salons. And if a little girl gets worried about her heightened attention to her own person, the master will have to take her to a dog psychologist for relaxing sessions. A small amount of effort and resources will also have to be given to a miniature friend (or friend). A lot of people compare small dogs with children: They're as causal, horny and not alone. So before you start a pet like that, you're gonna have to weigh everything "this" and "the opposite" well, 'cause without proper care, the animal is going to fall asleep. And for those who still thought they'd be happy with the companion dog.

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