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The Smallest Dog

Бу Бу -самая маленькая собачка (фото + видео)The smallest dog who has been living for four years has been recognized as a Chihuahua in the name of Bu-Bu, whose height is only 4 inches (10, 16 centimetres). The blood is officially recorded in the Guines Book of Records.

Boo Boo Boo's been five years old. She also lives with her owner, Lana Elswick, a professional chikhuahuahua factory. According to Lana, Boo Boo's going to be a special dog, she knew at her birth.

Boo was born very small, only with a large finger of his hand and had to be fed every two hours out of the saw. Now, according to the mistress, Boo Boo loves the Lace chips, and even though she's just tiny, she's guarding her master as much as a big dog.

Two Bus were one step from death due to low sugar (hypocarbonemia). Many of them suffer. Little dogs.

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