Самые маленькие собачки в мире

The Smallest Dogs In The World

Of course, these are highly organized animals, not viruses, bacteria and other micro-peaceans. The world is full of giants (whose most visitors have been heard) and pygmies in the world of animals. That's what we'll talk about. In principle, everything is clear with the kinds artificially ejected. But the way the rest of us survive is a remarkable surprise.

Now, let's start:

1. The smallest dog. reaches only 12, 4 centimeters high. It's Ducky, who even for his breed, Chihuahua, looks tiny. Lives a dog in Charlton, Massachusetts, U.S., and is placed in the Book of Ginnes Records as the most important. little dog in the world.

By the way, Ducky's the smallest dog alive. According to the same Book of Records, the smallest dog of all time and peoples has been recognized as a cardiac yöurkshire terrier whose name is unknown, with only 6, 2 centimetres (!).

2. The smallest snake in the world is only 10 centimeter long. It's Leptotyphlops carlae. None of the adults in this form exceeds 10-10, 5 centimetres in length. Found a snake in the Caribbean. The scientist who found a tiny, presumptuous called Blaire Hedges.

3. The smallest fish, Paedocypris progenetica, found on Sumatra in 2006. The length of an adult does not exceed 0, 8 centimetres, which is all the more surprising if we know that a fish belongs to carpov. Yeah, yeah, that miniature fish is a direct relative to the grammar carp. That's what they're like in the world of nature.

4. The smallest horse.♪ Its height to the idle is 43 centimeters. It's true, the horse is out by the specialists, so it's not an accident. This type of horse was created by the mining specialists, Paul and Kai Heslingami. A horse named Tambelin, whose growth is exactly 43 centimeters, is the smallest horse of the world to date.

5. The smallest cat grew to only 15, 5 centimetres high and 49 centimeters long (high with tail). The cat is Mr. Peebles, and he lives in central Illinois. By the way, the species to which this cat belongs is not carlick. Record was corroborated by the representatives of the Book of the Ginnes Record in 2004.

6. Now a bright representative of the world of rodents - PeeWeeliving in Britain is only 2, 5 centimeters. It's a regular hamster, not a carlick view, just for some reason he stopped growing up when he was only three weeks old. PeeWee's brothers and sisters have long reached 5 centimeters, like the adult ham.

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