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Photo Wolves


From the very name of the species, it is clear that the dog came from Ireland, and her initial practice was to hunt wolves.

It's a very ancient hard-ass dog from the beasts. This group includes only a Scottish reindeer dog, a dirhound. However, while looking at the hard appearance of the wolf, it is not clear how little it has in common with typical beards.

It is known that the ancestors of the Irish wolf have lived in the British islands since the celtic season and have been helping with the grass hunting of kabaans, salmons and wolves. Their rigid wool was defended against rain and bulbs.

The dog was stacked by legends. For one of them, the Irish wolf was turned into a causal princess who did not reciprocate the Druid. Her puppies and her dogs had a furious appearance, almost human mind and royal blood.

Since the 17th century, dogs have been so active in importing that they have almost been left in Ireland, and a decree has been issued prohibiting the export of " scum dogs " .

Irish wolves now serve in the Buckingham Palace and participate in royal ceremonies.

External view

That's it. The biggest. From brazed, rigid, strong, muscular, but elegant. Its height in the chole is 86 cm and the weight ranges from 45 to 55 kg.

The head of the wolf is long, the face is narrow, not large ears are pulled back. The breast is wide, the back is long, and the long tail will be slightly wrapped at the end.

The Irish wolf's worm is rigid and rude, on his head and ears, slightly softer.

The colour may be gray, white, tiger, black, red, reindeer or stick. May be allowed in the dark colour on the chest with light stains, light paws and tail ends.

Nature of Irish wolf

It's a balanced dog, impressive not only by its power, but also by its self-restraint. Now it's not a service dog, not a caravan or a fighter dog. It's a companion and a decorating life of wealthy people.

She loves kids very much, and she's good with other wolves, never attacking weak and small.

A little dog doesn't like family fights and turmoil, hurts a rough oak, even can get sick with the master. Volkodov doesn't like to live in a volt because it's bad for loneliness. So, despite its size, it's a home dog. He's the best person to live in a big country house where you can run through a simplic staircase, and at night, the master's legs have a fireplace.

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