Характер. Йоркширский терьер

Yorkshire Terrier Minia

But not everything is so smooth and soft. I mean, funny and sweet baby, york is a dog, so to speak to himself. In other words, it cannot always be forced to do what the master needs at this time. In some cases, an animal can even get a little angry. Let the outside york be more of a toy than full dog, it retains a mass of features of the nature of the great therière. The nature of his york is a little spoiled. This line, coupled with high mobility and energeticity, makes a dog show his identity at any time she likes. Making york is a lot of different ways.

It should be noted that the yorkshire terrier is somewhat aggressive towards other animals. It's interesting to see how this tiny dog tries to dominate a dog much larger. The size doesn't matter to the york. However, with the rest of the domestic pets (e.g. cats, birds or rodents), it is peacefully coexisting.

All the yorkshire terriers unanimously say it's a very smart dog. In her view, all the gamma of human feelings can be read simultaneously. Looking at the moist black beads on the smart face, you'll see sadness, joy, frustration, love, grief, and even sadness.

The dog feels so intuitively his master that he can understand without words and gestures. If a man is in a bad mood, the york is instantly feeling a wave of negatives and tries to rectify the situation. It has almost all the shades of human sentiment. Sometimes it seems like your favorite reads minds.

Is the owner funny and sad? York is a great humorist. He has such a live and sweaty mime that doesn't leave indifferent even those who don't like dogs in principle. York will certainly find a way to entertain its master.

Even if the yorkshire terrier is extremely fascinated by a rolling game, it's always careful. It's almost impossible to catch a dog outside. Unless she has an eye on the back. The dog will always feel the approach of a man or another animal. No detail will escape from his careful and temperate view. It must be noted that the dog doesn't care about anything, but only when she needs to get the attention of a person.

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